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Activator Methods

Dr. Berninghausen uses a method of chiropractic adjusting called Activator Methods Technique. Activator Methods is an adjusting procedure that is gentle, accurate, specific, and consistent. Out of the 15 techniques that Dr. Berninghausen studied throughout her career, Activator Methods has been the most reliable for fast and consistent pain relief as well as restoration of bodily function.


How does Activator Methods work?

Activator Methods involves the patient lying prone (face-down) on a chiropractic table while the doctor analyzes their spine using a system of leg checks and pressure testing. The patient is comfortable and stationary, while the doctor uses a gentle adjusting tool called an activator to correct a spinal misalignment. The patient is not moved, twisted, or contorted in any awkward or uncomfortable positions during the adjustment. This generally decreases patient discomfort and anxiety.



Does it Work?

Over the years, Activator Methods has accumulated over 30 clinical trials, supporting its efficacy in decreasing spinal and extremity pain, increasing range of motion, and restoring function. Dr. Berninghausen has used Activator Methods with her patients for 10 years with high rates of patient satisfaction.

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